Cork Airport has all of the amenities you would expect from Ireland’s second-busiest airport, with plenty on hand to cater for the nearly 2.8 million passengers that pass through each year. First-rate shopping and dining venues are available, backed by a range of traveller conveniences.

Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) broadcasts throughout the terminal, available for everyone to use. Those who do not have a laptop or Wi-Fi-enabled device can make use of Internet kiosks scattered throughout the terminal. These accept coins or cards.

Banking and exchange facilities are also found in the main concourse, with a few ATMs strategically scattered throughout the terminal. All of the ATMs dispense euros; some also dispense pounds sterling.

Cork is one of three airports in Ireland that hosts The Loop shopping concourse. The Loop facilitates a particularly innovative shopping experience, with price guarantees that encourage competitiveness with downtown shopping prices.

If you need any assistance while you in the airport, stop by the information desk. It is located on the lower level in the arrivals hall, on the other side of the exit from Cork Airport car hire desks.

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