Strict security protocol is enforced at Cork Airport, but there are several measures passengers can take to expedite the process. A few minutes’ preparations in organising your luggage goes a long way in speeding the security screening process.

One of the most important considerations is what to pack in your checked luggage. The list of items permitted to be carried into the passenger cabin is stricter, so it is best to only carry those things that you are sure you will need during the flight. Furthermore, packing as much into your checked luggage as possible lightens the load that you have to carry through the airport terminal and into the departure lounge.

When it comes to passing through the security checkpoint, the less metal you have on your person the better. A bit of loose change is inevitable, but if possible consider packing your house keys, metal jewellery and watch in your checked luggage. You can carry these items through the screening point, but they will need to be placed in a tray and passed through the scanner.

Coats and jackets will also need to be placed in a tray and sent through the scanner. Beyond this, any large electrical appliances, such as laptop computers and cameras, will have to be taken out of their cases and scanned.

Finally, it is wise to review the EU regulations on liquids, gels, and pastes. This can be a point of confusion for passengers and is explained in detail in the ‘Prohibited Items’ section.