Cork Airport is an international facility that receives flights from all across Europe. Flights from the US and Canada rarely land here, as transatlantic service is handled by Ireland’s two other major airports at Shannon and Dublin.

Ireland holds a unique position in Europe. It is a member of the European Union but not a member of the Schengen Area. European citizens who are accustomed to passing freely between member nations will find a slightly different protocol here. They are required to submit to immigration control but only need to show a valid national ID card. Passports are accepted but not required.

Citizens of other nations who have been travelling in the EU will need to present their passports when they reach immigration control at Cork Airport. Visa waivers are in place for many nations, and stays of up to 90 days can usually be arranged upon entry. The full list of visa requirements is available at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Ireland also has an informal agreement with the United Kingdom establishing the Common Travel Area. This allows for free passage between Ireland and all countries in the UK. However, UK citizens are still required to present a valid photo ID to demonstrate their citizenship when landing at the airport.