There is a taxi rank directly outside of the Arrivals Hall, with drivers ready to transfer passengers to onward destinations across greater Cork. This is the most expensive and most convenient mode of public transportation from the airport, especially for those who don’t plan to do much travelling around during their time in Cork.

All taxis are metered, and drivers are expected to stick to these rates. Information about fares along with passenger rights and responsibilities should be clearly posted on the front and back of every cab.

One advantage of taking a taxi to Cork Airport is that it shaves time of your departure. The driver will set you down in the forecourt directly in front of the terminal entrance, so that you can disembark and proceed directly to the check-in desks. Parking your own vehicle takes a while longer.

Sometimes, drivers may be reluctant to drive into certain neighbourhoods, as they are concerned that they will not be able to get a return fare. However, passengers are entitled to charter a taxi from the airport to any destination within a 30 mile radius.